White and Dark Chocolate Keto Rocky Road with Sugar-Free Marshmallows

I have a love for a rocky road. It is never out of place to be in a bake sale or in a cafe but finding a recipe keto and maltitol free is damn near impossible! The recipe is super simple but the timing is everything!

Sugar-free marshmallows contain no sugar (duh) so as soon as heat is added to the mix they will collapse. The trick is to cool your chocolate before pouring it over your rocky road fillings not mixing it all together. I haven’t added jelly lollies to this recipe but the same concept applies. The chocolate must be cool when you pour it over or it will melt them.

The possibilities of combinations are endless so below is just a rough guideline for you. My favorite flavor combo is a white chocolate rocky road with raspberry and macadamia!


1x 100g Vitawerx White chocolate- available here


Dark Chocolate of your choice I like Little Zebra Dark Supreme Chocolate- Available here

40g Coconut oil

1 recipe of Sugar-Free Marshmallows

10g Fresh as Raspberries- Available here

30g Nuts of choice

Anything else you would like to add to your rocky road 


1. Make marshmallows ahead of time so they have set. Cut into bite-size pieces

2. Melt your chocolate with 40 g coconut oil and allow it to cool.

3. Add all ingredients into the pan or silicone mold you wish to set your rocky road in.

4. Once the chocolate is cool pour and drizzle over rocky road ingredients.

5. Set in fridge 

6. Slice and enjoy it! 

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