Keto Orange Chicken

Keto Orange Chicken –– Low Carb Orange Marmalade Chicken This delicious low carb orange chicken recipe tastes just like the classic restaurant-style Chinese take out that is keto-friendly and can be enjoyed on your busy weeknights.

The chicken tender and juicy and what to comment on the sauce its the ultimate one, look this is not the basic orange chicken recipe which is have shared earlier, we are making it lower in carbs, so you have to put in little extra work.

Orange Chicken is a very popular Chinese restaurant favorite takeout dish in North America. It tastes sweet and tangy with crispy chicken nuggets coated in a delicious flavorful sauce.

keto style orange chicken

Ingredient Substitutes and FAQs

Can I substitute almond or coconut flour for the whey protein isolate?

Look I highly recommend you to use whey protein because firstly I am sure that you have never fried chicken with whey protein.

Secondly, whey protein successfully binds all the breading ingredients together better than any other flour and it will not lose any of the batter while frying.

But yes you can use almond or coconut flour to bread the egg dipped chicken, you can even use a combination of peanut flour and sesame flour (take 2 tablespoons each)

keto orange chicken with sugar free marmalade

Liquid amino’s – This gives you a Soy Sauce flavor and is an alternative to Soy Sauce. You can use coconut aminos instead

Dressing Substitute – Use orange juice or extract and xanthum gum to thicken the sauce.

How to Make Keto Orange Chicken Sauce?

You can just follow the instructions given on the recipe card below to make the sauce but these are the substitute if you don’t have any ingredient in hand or not available.

Sauce Ingredients Substitute:

Click on the links to buy the items:

  • Xanthum Gum – to thicken the sauce
  • Sesame oil, peanut oil or avocado oil
  • Use coconut aminos instead of liquid aminos.
  • A natural sweetener like erythritol or orange marmalade.
low carb orange marmalade chicken

How to Bread the Chicken for the best Keto Orange Chicken Recipe?

To bread the chicken pieces with the eggs we are using whey protein but you can use coconut flour. For the orange sauce, we are using liquid aminos, and other dressing to make it a low carb orange marmalade chicken but you can use orange zest, orange extract, chicken broth and erythritol for sweetening.

What to do with the Leftovers?

If you have leftovers, then keep the chicken and the sauce separately in airtight containers (if you put together the breading will soak up the sauce) and store for up to 3 days.

When ready to eat, warm the sauce (just warm not actually cook) and toss the chicken into the sauce and enjoy.

keto friendly orange chicken

What to Serve with this Low Carb Orange Chicken?

Serve this over some asian veggies like steamed broccoli, red bell peppers, green beans, and mushrooms or keto cauliflower rice.

How to Make Keto Orange Chicken Walden Farms?

Low Carb Keto Orange Chicken

Keto Orange Chicken (Low Carb)

This delicious low carb keto orange chicken recipe tastes just like the classic restaurant-style Chinese take out that is keto-friendly and can be enjoyed on your busy weeknights.

15 minPrep Time

10 minCook Time

25 minTotal Time


  • 2 pounds chicken thighs, boneless skinless, cut into strips
  • 2 eggs, large
  • 1 1/2 cup whey protein isolate , unflavored
  • 3 tablespoons orange marmalade
  • 3 tablespoons sesame ginger dressing
  • 3 tablespoons asian dressing
  • 1 tablespoon liquid aminos
  • 1/2 tablespoon sriracha sauce
  • 1 tablespoon garlic, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flaked, crushed


  1. Take a shallow bowl, combine all the sauce ingredients and whisk until well combined or blend with a hand mixer and set aside.
  2. Take a medium bowl, beat the eggs and add the chicken pieces and mix until well combined.
  3. Heat a frying pan on medium high heat, add the oil let it get hot.
  4. Meanwhile let’s bread the chicken, take the chicken pieces one by one from the egg mixture and coat with the whey protein (you can use almond or coconut flour) and set aside on a plate.
  5. When the oil is hot and ready, add the chicken pieces for 3-4 minutes per side or until fully cooked through.
  6. Repeat the same with the remaining chicken strips and set them on the side on top of a wire rack.
  7. Warm the sauce a little (not necessary) and toss in the crispy chicken with the sauce and eat right away!

Actual Net Carbs – 2g


453 cal


14 g


9 g


68 g

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